Helping You Get A Great Night’s Sleep

Do you have problems sleeping?

We spend a third of our lives asleep.  This time is crucial for our mental and physical health and has a massive impact on how we function – our concentration, energy, reaction times and decision making.

As well as being specialists in Sleep, we have years of experience in helping people overcome Chronic Pain, Stress, Anxiety, Menopause and the many other issues that prevent people for getting a good nights’ sleep and waking refreshed. 

If you have problems sleeping or are suffering from lack of energy, you really don’t need to anymore.  We can help…

Help Me Sleep is an online Coaching and Therapy Service seeing clients across the UK, USA, Australia – and beyond.   

Face to Face appointments in our beautiful sea-front rooms in Walmer, Deal with views across to France on a clear day, may be available depending on Covid 19.

Our Silver, Gold and Platinum Sleep Solutions

HelpMeSleep offers effective tailor-made Sleep Solutions for busy people. You won’t need to make huge efforts to change your ways of thinking or devote hours and hours to studying for months on end. Our Sleep Solutions aim to help you improve your sleep rapidly and help you feel alive and energised. Our programmes include Coaching, Hypnotherapy, NLP Techniques and Meditation and other relaxation methods such as basic Breathing Techniques. You will get text and email support, written materials, recordings to listen to at home, and some homework – such as journals and sleep diaries. It’s the solution that can help you get results in weeks instead of months.

Improve your sleep naturally

Feel refreshed and energised

Results that are long-lasting

Look to the future

We help you get the good nights sleep you deserve

HelpMeSleep is a highly personalised, easy to follow solution to help you improve your sleep and feel more energised. Here’s how our Sleep Solutions work:

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Get Assessed
Your dedicated sleep coach will assess your situation and develop a personal plan to improve your sleep.
Get started
From the first session, start retraining your mind to get you on your way to a better nights sleep.
Use your plan
Using your tailored plan, continue improving your sleep, with simple exercises, coaching, therapy and expert guidance.
Look to the future
Refreshing sleep should now come naturally to you, and you will have the techniques and strategies to help you maintain it for the long term. We have flexible ongoing support programmes if you are at a stressful time in your life and feel that you would benefit from extra support.

Want to improve your sleep?

Try our flexible programme tailor made to your needs.

What is HelpMeSleep?

HelpMeSleep is a sleep consultation, coaching and therapy programme designed by a certified coach, therapist and member of the British Sleep Society, Sue Gray.

There are many “quick fixes” on the market, but these often do not solve the problem in the long term, as they rarely address the cause of the problem – which will vary from one person to another.

HelpMeSleep is for people who want to make effective, long-term improvements to their sleep, energy and wellbeing.

Our Sleep Solutions are designed to address all the issues that are impacting on your sleep, (e.g. fatigue, anxiety, body clock, etc.) as well as the sleep issue itself.

Your Sleep Solution will be tailor-made to deal with your specific sleep issues – and their cause. Your programme will be a mix of one to one therapy and coaching sessions, relaxing audio recordings to listen to at home, written information, simple meditation and breathing techniques. You will not need to block out thoughts, empty your mind or spend countless hours studying or practising.

HelpMeSleep brings together the work of some of the leading minds on sleep, neuroscience, relaxation, hypnotherapy, meditation, breathing and more.

HelpMeSleep’s expert help and support is accessible from anywhere in the UK and worldwide with online coaching and therapy sessions, audio and written materials you can use at home.

What people say?

"For those who have had difficulties initiating sleep, staying asleep and have laid there awake and frustrated for hours on end with no apparent cause, I would certainly recommend a consultation with Sue".
Poor Quality Sleep
Sue’s hypnotherapy helped me to relax, expel stress and negative energy and sleep better. Without Sue, I would probably be on medication to help sleep. This has not been necessary.
Development Manager, Ealing
Insomnia & Stress
HelpMeSleep is a sleep consultation, coaching and treatment programme designed by Sue Gray, a certified coach, therapist and member of the British Sleep Society.
HelpMeSleep quickly helps you improve your sleep, using effective tailor-made Sleep Solutions that address all the issues impacting on your sleep.
HelpMeSleep’s expert help and support is accessible from anywhere in the UK and worldwide with email and online coaching and therapy sessions, audio and written materials you can use at home.