About Sue Gray

“I am going to get well, no matter what it takes –
even if I have to stand on my head meditating on the top of a mountain for 6 months.”

My name is Sue Gray and I am fascinated by the mysteries of sleep.   I love helping people untangle the threads that have led them into insomnia and poor quality sleep, sorting out the causes and then giving them ways to start sleeping well again.   

Everything is so much more interlinked than we imagined. Sleep is not what we thought it was even a couple of decades ago.   A Good Night’s Sleep is the result of:

Sue Gray - Sleep Therapist & Coach

Once upon a time, I had good career in housing development and each night, apart from when I was pregnant and had young babies, I slept brilliantly.    My head would touch the pillow and I was gone til the alarm woke me.  

For years and years and never gave sleep a second thought.  I could wake up at 4am and drive from NW London to Preston for a 10.00 meeting – stopping off in the swimming pool in Preston for a quick 30 lengths at 8am.  

Then it 2010 it all changed.

I got ME/ chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, restless legs, depression and of course insomnia.  The insomnia just made everything worse.  I could not believe how awful I felt.  I was told there was no solution other than to manage the pain and fatigue.  I felt totally stuck.   

I struggled to get to the end of the street, I was sometimes stuck for hours on a park bench unable to move (with a confused, hyper active Springer Spaniel, who had to be walked) as it felt like someone had pulled the plug out – I could literally feel my energy draining out of me, downwards like a sink.   

Then my favourite aunt died, aged 102, and it occurred to me that unless I took my health into my own hand’s I could be in this state for another 50+ years!   And I made a decision.  I said to myself 

“I am going to get well, no matter what it takes – even if I have to stand on my head meditating on the top of a mountain for 6 months.”

I had tried so many things already but with little effect.  So, I searched again through things I had rejected before and finally found a way to get well.  I am living proof that we can powerfully influence our health and life with the right approach.

Once I had reclaimed my health, I decided to train as a Master NLP Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Life Coach under Phil Parker.  I have also trained with author, psychotherapist and one of the first NLP Researchers, Connirae Andreas,and meditation coach with best-selling author Sandy Newbigging.  I have studied Insomnia, Sleep Disorders and Pain at the London College of Clinical Hypnotherapy, and extensive personal study.

I continue to develop and enhance my skills so that I have a range of solutions to offer clients looking to improve the quantity and quality of their sleep and deal with the issues that are getting in the way of their sleep.

I will work with you with care and integrity to achieve the sleep, rest and life you desire.  I will only work with you if I can help you and will be honest if I feel another approach will suit you better.  I am known for my kind and caring nature, realistic approach and have a sense of humour that I bring to all my classes and client sessions.

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strangely enough, in 2018 I spent 2 months meditating on the top of a mountain in Spain ….  Life is amazing! 
"My mind seemed to be constantly racing. Sue taught me how to achieve a state of calm. It has helped me see the wood from the trees, make better business decisions and stay focused on what really matters in my life. "
John, Managing Director
HelpMeSleep! is a sleep consultation, coaching and treatment programme designed by Sue Gray, a certified coach, therapist and member of the British Sleep Society.
HelpMeSleep! quickly helps you improve your sleep, using effective tailor-made Sleep Solutions that address all the issues impacting on your sleep.
HelpMeSleep!’s expert help and support is accessible from anywhere in the UK and worldwide with email and online coaching and therapy sessions, audio and written materials you can use at home.