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1/3 of the population suffer from insomnia.  Poor sleep reduces productivity, concentration, reaction time, performance and workplace relationships.

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We all know how hard it is when we haven’t slept well.  Just imagine if a third of your staff felt like this most days and the impact it could be having on their work and life.

The UK Government rates better sleep as the single biggest contributor to improving well-being. So, many employers are now using Sleep Workshops to boost business performance and reduce sickness rates as it can be easy to make improvements to many peoples sleep with sleep coaching, training and relaxation techniques.

We offer tailor-made workshops from one hour to half a day that can include:

We also offer specific strategies for common sleep challenges – eg

Did you know?

£30bn pa lost productivity through poor sleep

1 in 3 people affected by insomnia

2000,000 work days pa lost due to lack of sleep

Sleepiness reduces reaction time, vigilance, alertness and concentration

Accidents are more likely after long shifts, especially night shifts

Sleepiness impairs the ability to perform attention-based activities.

25% of serious / fatal accidents may be related to fatigue

20% road accidents related to fatigue

Sleep was also a major factor in;
The Croydon Tram Crash, The Challenger Space Shuttle Disaster & the huge oil spillage in Alaska from the Exxon Valdez – one of the worst ever human caused environmental disasters!

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"My mind seemed to be constantly racing. Sue taught me how to achieve a state of calm. It has helped me see the wood from the trees, make better business decisions and stay focused on what really matters in my life. "
John, Managing Director
HelpMeSleep! is a sleep consultation, coaching and treatment programme designed by Sue Gray, a certified coach, therapist and member of the British Sleep Society.
HelpMeSleep! quickly helps you improve your sleep, using effective tailor-made Sleep Solutions that address all the issues impacting on your sleep.
HelpMeSleep!’s expert help and support is accessible from anywhere in the UK and worldwide with email and online coaching and therapy sessions, audio and written materials you can use at home.